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McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas - Origins
McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas - Origins
McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas - Origins

South Texas is renowned for its unique and diverse ecosystem of coastal prairie, dense wooded brush country, cypress and pecan laden river bottoms, and sandy soiled oak thickets. By the late 1800s after sometime in the cattle business, it became apparent that the more composite breed bos taurus cattle of the day, while they could survive, left some genetic elements to be desired. Dense humid air and swaths of insects, from ticks and flies to mosquitoes, were exceedingly burdensome on these breeds. After taking this into account and attributing some study to the matter, James A. McFaddin realized the potential advantages of the Brahman bos indicus genetics. By 1904 the McFaddin Ranch had assembled the first full-blooded herd of Brahman cattle in the United States.

Traveling to the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, James purchased a Hagenbeck Brahman bull to which he appropriated the title “Prince.” Prince would go on to become the head of the herd and a symbol of McFaddin Ranch heritage.

The pure blooded Brahman cattle weathered the harsh conditions of South Texas with dexterity. Their heat and insect tolerance was unmatched by other breeds, though high quality beef production remained a concern, as these cattle were not originally bred for consumption. At the onset of 1925, after the death of James A. McFaddin, grandson Claude K. McCan set out to make the ranch’s greatest contribution to the beef cattle Industry – the development of a completely new breed. McCan, alongside his uncle Al McFaddin, decided that in order to improve the beef quality of their herd, they would introduce Hereford genetics. Moving forward, this new breed would target a mix of 3/4 Hereford and 1/4 Brahman genetic makeup. A hybridization of this type would hypothetically produce the perfect class of cattle, one that would prove rigid in traversing the harsh South Texas climate while still producing high quality, savory beef. The arduously slow experiment came to completion by the 1940s. At this time McCan had achieved both the numbers and composition he had intended, and at this juncture the herd was closed to outside breeding. This unique class of livestock would come to be known across the United States as “Victoria Braford” cattle. To this day no other breed of cattle is better suited to the gulf coast.

More Recently

For the past four decades, our heard of Victoria Braford cattle has not been a closed.

Starting in the 1980s, a concerted effort has been made to infuse fresh genetics into the herd, at a rate so as not to allow an excessive amount of phenotypical variation, but enough to maintain a vigorous amount of heterosis in the cattle. Around this time, the brand we currently use, the “seven six” was adopted after a long and successful partnership between the McCan and Welder families was dissolved.

We have maintained a sizable herd of F-1, Brahman/Hereford cross cattle which are in turn bred to Hereford bulls in order to achieve the historical 1/4, 3/4 balance. The heifer and bull calves derived from this crossing have been meticulously selected as additions to the herd. Qualified outside bulls and heifers purchased from various Braford Breeder Association sales have also been added to the herd, always with an eye toward maintaining the uniformity of the Victoria Braford breed of cattle.

At the McFaddin Ranch, we take pride in implementing an uncompromisingly rigid selection process for Braford herd sires. By utilizing a number of advanced testing procedures including ultrasound, gain test’s and phenotypical selection we ensure that every one of our bulls will outperform, outpace and exceed expectation in a variety of environments and circumstances. The Victoria Braford is the best breed of cattle for South Texas, especially the gulf coast region. They also thrive in a very wide variety of other climates as well though, our clients will attest to this.

As for the breeding female division, we have always and continue to maintain a stringent culling strategy directed toward fertility, nursing ability and frame integrity. DNA testing and sorting over the years have allowed us to achieve our goals in this sector. We are a top producing ranching operation because we produce top quality cattle.

Today’s Victoria Braford is a commercial purebred animal that is extremely adaptable in harsh environments and is bred to produce a very desirable carcass for the modern consumer.

McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas - Today
McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas - Today
McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas - Today
McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas - Today
McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas - Today
McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas - Today

Cattle Sales

On a yearly basis we routinely produce a variety of commercial Victoria Braford cattle for sale here in South Texas. Please give us a call to find out about the types of cattle we have for sale currently and the cattle we anticipate to have for sale in the future.

  • Victoria Braford – Yearling Bulls, Replacement Heifers, and Steers
  • Black Angus/Victoria Braford Cross– Heifers & Steers
  • Red Angus/ Victoria Braford Cross – Heifers & Steers

Please inquire about Texas commercial cattle sales at any of the following phone numbers or e-mail addresses:

Main Office


If you are interested in having us manage your ranch for optimal range condition, maximum profitability and long term sustainability please email or call us 361-572-8031. McFaddin Ranch offers turn key management services to land owners who want to maximize the efficiency of their rangeland both financially and ecologically. We do this through a combination of sustainable livestock grazing practices, wildlife data collection and analysis, and investigation of emerging markets and alternative income sources.