Welcome to McFaddin Ranch

The Mcfaddin Ranch is a family-owned land and cattle company operating on three separate land parcels located in Victoria, Refugio and Bee counties. The combined acreage of the Mcfaddin Ranch supports several thousand head of primarily Braford cattle, a vast array of native south Texas wildlife such as whitetail deer and quail, and a variety of soil and grassland types. James A. McFaddin established the operation in 1877 and since then, five generations of descendants have expanded James’ legacy. In many ways, the heart of McFaddin Ranches operations have changed very little since its inception. While our tools and ledgers may have become digital, the values McFaddin ranch operates upon have stayed true to their pioneering core.

Today, with the help of co-owner and general manager Bob McCan’s hands-on management style, McFaddin Ranch continues to bustle with an assortment of operations. Most discernibly, the Victoria Braford cow-calf production, which has become known internationally in terms of conformation, quality and durability. In addition, McFaddin offers deer hunting leases and bird hunting leases, as well as fully guided day hunts targeting all your typical South Texas wildlife species. McFaddin ranch is also one of the few Texas ranches which has also developed a well-respected polo pony breeding and training operation while simultaneously hosting the South Texas Polo Club. Further, the land management team provides expertise and seminars for educating students and biologists from around the world on rangeland conservation and sustainability.

The mission of the McFaddin Ranch is to ensure that the land, wildlife, and cattle we manage stay in top biological condition and continue to evolve in a cohesive fashion with the cutting-edge range science techniques of our time. Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to contact us anytime for more information or, just to say hello.

McFaddin Enterprises - Victoria, Texas